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Do you know someone who is not motivated to make changes, or someone who is trying to reach their potential? What about someone who feels like the world is on their shoulders?


Are you someone who seeks a holistic approach at integrating, exploring, or restructuring relationships, launching a business or changing careers; pursuing higher education, figuring out your purpose, or frustrated about finances?

A Fit Mind Professional Counseling offers an opportunity for seekers of change to find their shift.


Ethnic Minorities

Body Positive Spiritual/Religious


Open Relationships/Non-Monogamy

We provide a safe and comfortable space for discovery and healing. We use a strategic combination of therapeutic modalities, insight, self-reflection and client action. We promote a soulful approach to healing that leads to internal change and renewal.


Adolescents/Teenagers (12– 19) Adults /Elders (20-65+)


Dear Potential Client,

It's Easy!


Please find below the steps for setting your initial appointment:

1) Send an email requesting our packet.

2) You will be sent a Cancellation Policy to sign, a Fee Commitment Form to complete, and an Intake Form to fill out.

3) Upon receipt of your completed packet, we will contact you to schedule your FREE Consultation.


Same-Gender-Loving (SGL)


Gender Non-Conforming



We Look Forward to Hearing From You!

We do not accept insurance. We will provide a superbill for reimbursement for your insurance at your request. However, it is not a guarantee your insurance will reimburse you. At times we do have sliding scale spots open. If this is needed, please request in your initial contact. 

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